Year 2022 / Volume 114 / Number 8
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Year 2022 / Volume 114 / Number 8


Safety of endoscopist-administered deep sedation with propofol in ASA III patients


Lucía Medina-Prado, Juan Martínez Sempere, Maryana Bozhychko, Carolina Mangas-Sanjuán, Luis Compañy Català, Francisco Ruiz Gómez, José Ramón Aparicio Tormo, Juan Antonio Casellas Valde,

Introduction: deep sedation controlled by the endoscopist is safe in patients with low anesthetic risk (ASA I-II). However, scarce evidence is available in patients with intermediate risk (ASA III). Objective: to evaluate the safety of deep sedation with propofol controlled by the usual endoscopy staff (endoscopist, nurse, assistant) in outpatients classified as ASA III and the risk factors for the occurrence of complications during deep sedation. Patients and methods: this observational and single-center cross-sectional study included consecutive patients undergoing non-complex procedures in which deep sedation was administered by the endoscopy staff. Patients were divided into group I (ASA = III) and group II (ASA < III). Results: a total of 562 patients were included and 80 (14.2 %) were in group I. Complications related to deep sedation were more frequent in group I (23.8 % vs 14.5 %; p = 0.036), mainly mild desaturations (13.8 % vs 7.5 %; p = 0.058). Emergency intervention or death were not registered. The adjusted analysis identified age as the only independent baseline risk factor for developing global adverse events. Conclusion: ASA III patients developed more sedation-related complications than ASA I-II patients. However, these complications were mild and did not prevent the correct performance of the procedure.

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