Year 2022 / Volume 114 / Number 8
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Year 2022 / Volume 114 / Number 8


Impact of the COVID-19 lockdown on liver transplant recipients. A single center observational study


Antonio Cuadrado, Luis M Gaite, Aitor Odriozola, Rosario Oloriz, Sara Herrera, José I Fortea, Lidia Amigo, Edward J. Anderson, Jesús A. Artal, Javier Crespo, Emilio Fábrega,

Background: the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown on liver transplant (LT) patients remains unknown. The aim of this cross-sectional study was to assess the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic on the physical and mental health of LT patients during the lockdown period. Methods: a web-based questionnaire was emailed to 238 LT patients undergoing regular follow-up at our unit between August and October 2020. This pseudonymized survey explored demographic and lifestyle variables (i.e., eating and physical habits), disruptions in routine medical care, different dimensions of mental health, COVID-19-related mood and coping (worries/anxiety, depression, insomnia, fear of COVID, resilience, etc.) and health perception using different validated instruments. Results: altogether, 48.7 % (116 of 238) LT recipients accepted to participate in the study, 104 of whom gave their consent to publish the data. The median age was 63 years. Up to 39.4 % presented worrying scores indicating moderate/severe generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), whereas 25.5 % exhibited moderate/severe insomnia and only 10.5 % moderate/severe depression. Forty patients (38.5 %) gained weight, 24 % experienced a worsening in their eating habits and 63.4 % referred to practicing less or much less exercise during the lockdown. Only 25 % perceived a worsening in the control of their chronic comorbidities. Missed medical appointments (0.9 %) or poor adherence to therapy (1.9 %) were exceptional. Conclusions: COVID-19 lockdown has negatively impacted the mental and physical health of LT patients. Long-term consequences remain unclear.

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