Year 2020 / Volume 112 / Number 1
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Year 2020 / Volume 112 / Number 1


Diverticulitis in immunodeficient patients: our experience in the management of high-risk patients


Javier Serrano González, José Luis Lucena de la Poza, Laura Román García de León, Jesús Gabriel García Schiever, Neda Farhangmehr Setayeshi, Pablo Calvo Espino, Arsenio Sánchez Movilla, Victor Sánchez Turrión,

Introduction: acute diverticulitis is a very prevalent disease. The need for a more aggressive management in immunodeficient patients has not been established. We present the results of our unit with immunodeficient patients diagnosed with acute diverticulitis and their follow-up. Objectives: to assess the possibility that a conservative management in this group is as valid as in the immunocompetent population. Methods: a retrospective analysis study was performed in our hospital. Forty immunodeficient patients (transplant, corticoid treatment, dialysis, oncologic, HIV patients) diagnosed with acute diverticulitis were analyzed. The patients were managed with a surgical or non-surgical treatment according to their status on admission. The main analyzed items were the severity of the acute episode and the need for surgical treatment compared to the cause of immunodeficiency. Other studied variables included follow-up results and recurrences. Results: thirty-two of the 40 patients studied received a non-surgical treatment during the acute episode, eight required emergency surgery (seven had a Hartmann procedure and one underwent a colon resection and anastomosis). Transplant patients and those between 40 and 50 years old proved to be higher risk groups. Three patients subsequently required elective surgery due to complications. Twenty-four patients had uneventful recoveries. Conclusions: the frequency of complicated acute diverticulitis is higher in immunodeficient patients than that of the general population. Non-surgical treatment seems to be as safe as in immunocompetent patients. Younger and transplanted patients were higher risk groups for severe acute diverticulitis that required a more aggressive management initially.

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