Year 2020 / Volume 112 / Number 2
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Year 2020 / Volume 112 / Number 2


Inguinal abscess as presentation of a right colon cancer. A systematic review


Aníbal Armando Medina Velasco, Ignacio Gemio del Rey, Roberto de la Plaza Llamas, Vladimir Arteaga Peralta, José Manuel Ramia,

Perforation in colorectal cancer is an uncommon condition, and neoplastic invasion of the abdominal wall with local infection is even rarer. Our objective is to present the case of an 84-year-old male with right colon cancer that manifested as an inguinal abscess, and also to perform a systematic review of the literature in PubMed, EMBASE, and Web of Science. A total of 59 cases in retrospective studies were found. Median age was 64 years, thirty cases were men and twenty-nine were women (51% and 49%, respectively). The most common location was the right colon with 27 cases (46%), followed by the left colon with 18 cases (31%), 12 cases in the transverse colon (20%), and 2 cases with colonic synchronous neoplasm (3%). Surgery was performed in two or more occasions for 33 cases (60%), and on one occasion for 21 cases (38%); medical treatment alone was administered in one case (2%). The most common histological type was adenocarcinoma (64%), followed by its mucinous variant (22%). There was recurrence in 33% of cases. Mortality at follow-up was 47%. As a limitation of our study, follow-up was heterogeneous, making it impossible to interpret long-term results regarding the influence of treatment on patient survival, also difficulted by the urgent nature of the condition and its exceptional incidence. Further studies are needed with prospective data collection on the management of colorectal cancer in the emergency setting, standardizing follow-up in order to facilitate an adequate analysis of the prognosis of the disease.

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