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Año 2020 / Volumen 112 / Número 1


Vedolizumab for treatment of chronic refractory pouchitis: a systematic review with pool analysis


Davide Giuseppe Ribaldone, Rinaldo Pellicano, Giorgio Maria Saracco, Mario Morino, Marco Astegiano,

Background and objectives: about 1%-2% of patients with chronic refractory pouchitis, in the context of ulcerative colitis, end up with a permanent ileostomy. The aim of this systematic review was to collect all published studies involving patients treated with vedolizumab for chronic refractory or antibiotic-dependent pouchitis and then pool the data regarding the effectiveness of this therapeutic strategy. Methods: a MEDLINE and Web of Science search of all studies published in English until March 17, 2019 was conducted using the terms “vedolizumab and pouchitis”. Results: seven studies with a total of 44 patients with chronic pouchitis were included. Twenty-three out of 44 patients (52.3%) had undergone previous treatment with anti-tumor necrosis factor (TNF) drugs. At week 12, 33 out of 44 patients (75%) reported clinical improvement. Endoscopic improvement, evaluated within 6 months of the start of vedolizumab therapy, was obtained in 28 out of the 38 patients in whom such data were available (73.7%). Conclusions: this first systematic review published in the literature on this issue suggests that vedolizumab has significant efficacy in chronic refractory or antibiotic-dependent pouchitis, also in patients who failed to respond to other treatments including those with anti-TNF agents.

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