Year 2018 / Volume 110 / Number 6
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Year 2018 / Volume 110 / Number 6

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Spanish Consensus Document on Bariatric Endoscopy. Part 1. General considerations


Eduardo Espinet Coll, Gontrand López-Nava Breviere, Javier Nebreda Durán, Carlos Marra-López Valenciano, Román Turró Arau, José Miguel Esteban López-Jamar, Miguel Muñoz-Navas,

Obesity is a chronic multifactorial, incurable, recurrent, and progressive disease associated with significant physical and psychological complications, and considerable morbidity and mortality. For this reason, the assessment, management, and follow-up of obese patients should take place in the setting of a multidisciplinary unit equipped with adequate human and structural resources. Medical treatment using hygienic-dietary measures, while indispensable, may be insufficient, and surgery, which is reserved for severe or morbid obesity, is not exempt from complications neither is to the liking of many patients. In this context three situations may be considered where endoscopic treatment, used as a supplementary strategy with few complications, contributes to benefit obese patients: first, in a subgroup of patients with grade-II overweight or non-morbid obesity where medical therapy alone failed or needs supplementation. Second, in patients with morbid obesity when surgery is rejected, is contraindicated, or entails excessive risk. Finally, in patients with superobesity who need to lose weight before bariatric surgery in order to reduce surgery-related morbidity and mortality. In this regard, the Spanish Task Force on Bariatric Endoscopy (Grupo Español de Trabajo para el Tratamiento Endoscópico del Metabolismo y la Obesidad, GETTEMO) have developed this Consensus Document to serve as practical guidance for all professionals involved in the endoscopic management of obesity, and to facilitate establishing a minimum set of requirements for the proper functioning of a bariatric endoscopy unit.

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