Año 2020 / Volumen 112 / Número 6
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Año 2020 / Volumen 112 / Número 6


Management of pancreatic collections: an update


Ana García García de Paredes, Sergio López-Durán, José Ramón Foruny Olcina, Agustín Albillos, Enrique Vázquez-Sequeiros,

Pancreatic fluid collections frequently occur in the context of moderate and severe acute pancreatitis, and may also appear as a complication of chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic surgery or trauma. It is essential to adhere to the Atlanta classification nomenclature that subclassifies them into four categories (acute peripancreatic fluid collections, acute necrotic collections, pseudocysts, and walled-off necrosis) since it has an impact on prognosis and management. Pseudocysts and walled-off pancreatic necrosis are encapsulated pancreatic fluid collections characterized by a surrounding inflammatory wall, which typically develops three to four weeks after the onset of acute pancreatitis. Most pancreatic fluid collections resolve spontaneously and do not require intervention. However, when they become symptomatic or complicated drainage is indicated, and endoscopic ultrasound-guided drainage has become first-line treatment of encapsulated collections. Drainage of pseudocysts is relatively straightforward due to their liquid content. However, in walled-off necrosis the presence of solid necrotic debris can make treatment more challenging and therefore multidisciplinary management in experienced centers is recommended, being a step-up approach the current standard of care. In this review, we aim to address the management of pancreatic fluid collections with an especial focus on endoscopic drainage.

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15/12/2020 0:27:09
Muy interesante actualización

09/06/2020 18:43:26
Buenas tardes desde Mèrida-Venezuela, les escribe el Dr Gerardo A. Casanova A, mèdico gastroenteròlogo, excelente artìculo, mis felcitaciones a los autoras/es.

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