Year 2020 / Volume 112 / Number 9
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Year 2020 / Volume 112 / Number 9


Endoscopic stenting for gastroduodenal outlet obstruction of a malignant origin, real life experience in a single center


Luis Alcalá-González, Miquel Masachs Perecaula, Joan Dot Bach, Monder Abu-Suboh Abadia, Jordi Armengol Bertroli, Mario José Pascasio-Hernández, Anna Benages Curell, María Dolores Castillo Cejas, Marc Pigrau Pastor, Denisse Sihuay Diburga, Jorge Guevara Cubas, Luz María Castro-Reyes, César Jiménez Hernández, Stephanie Tasayco Huaman, José Ramón Armengol Miró,

Aim: to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of self-expandable metal stent placement for malignant gastric outlet obstruction (GOO). Methods: a retrospective, analytic cohort study at a single, tertiary-care center. Results: thirty-six patients that underwent stent placement for GOO of malignant origin were identified during the study period. Technical success was achieved in 36 (100 %) patients and clinical success was achieved in 31 patients (86.1 %). Before the procedure, 17 (54.8 %) patients had a gastric outlet obstruction score (GOOSS) of 0, which is a complete inability of oral intake. Twenty-three patients were alive 30 days after the procedure, two (8.6 %) patients had a GOOSS of 1, ten (43.3 %) had a GOOSS of 2 and eleven (47.9 %) had a GOOSS of 3. Abdominal pain was present in all 31 patients before the procedure and only seven (22.6 %) patients continued with abdominal pain 24 hours after the procedure. During follow-up, ten (30.3 %) patients developed complications related to the stents and none of them was fatal. Additional therapy due to partial occlusion of the stent was necessary in three patients. The stents functional duration had a median of 72 days (IQR 25-75 15-105 days) and was closely related to overall survival. Conclusion: palliative stenting for gastroduodenal obstruction is a safe, feasible and effective therapy to treat patients with malignant gastric outlet obstruction.

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