Year 2019 / Volume 111 / Number 9
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Year 2019 / Volume 111 / Number 9

Case Report

Appreciation of the treatment in adult patients with congenital portosystemic connections in relation with their symptoms


Ramón Gómez Contreras, Amalia Talens Ferrando, Juan Carlos Bernal Sprekelsen, Francisco Javier Landete Molina, Cristóbal Zaragoza Fernández,

Background: portosystemic intrahepatic venous connections (Abernethy syndrome) are rare anatomical variants, which are classified according to the type of union between the portal venous circulation and the central venous system. In adults, the diagnosis is often incidental, although some cases can be presented with an encephalopathy without associated liver disease. Case reports: here we present two cases of portosystemic shunt, one with encephalopathy development, and the other casually caught. Its treatment by interventionist radiology, was decided in function of clinic symptoms. Both patients were asymptomatic at controls in the outpatient consultation. No complications derived from the therapeutic decision. The control is carried out annually with image tests and blood analysis. Discussion: given the low prevalence of malformation and its usual diagnosis at younger ages (associated with important cognitive alterations) its treatment in adults is not protocolized. In these cases the decision of the treatment would be conditioned to the associated symptomatology, being the minimally invasive treatment (by interventional radiology) a therapeutic option in the symptomatic adult. Observation by imaging tests and control in outpatient consultation (without associated treatment) would be a choice in asymptomatic adults.

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